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Located in the heart of Liverpool's shopping district, the Bluecoat houses a number of specialist independent retailers offering an eclectic range of beautifully designed handmade and unique products.

Stocking the best in contemporary craft, design, music, fashion and homewares, the shops at the Bluecoat should be your first destination in the city for the unique and the unusual. Use the links on the left hand side and below to see what each of our ten retailers make, sell and do.

the Bluecoat Display Centre
Kernaghan Books
R&J Porter: Jeweller, Silversmith and Hand Engraver
The Painted Chair
Probe Records
J.H. Benson & Co
Spellbound Hair & Beauty
Myne Boutique

The Empathy Instinct

Bluecoat announces new Spring Season programme

Bluecoat announces new Spring Season programme
  • Euphonia by Emma Smith - Solo show capturing the music of communication.
  • New Dance for New Audiences - OK Future northern premiere.
  • Tenth anniversary of Blue Room - Bluecoat’s inclusive arts programme.
  • Serena Korda - Bluecoat & National Trust's Trust New Art commission.
  • Liverpool Biennial 2018 - Artists showing at Bluecoat announced.
  • Residencies - Jonathan Baldock & Nurrachmat Widyasena.

Bluecoat, the UK’s first arts centre, is delighted to announce a Spring season of interdisciplinary exhibitions, residencies, performances and much more, all centred around its pivotal historical and contemporary role as a place for artists.

Edward Carter Preston: ‘Sensing’ a Modern Landscape by Guest Writer Ed Montana-Williams

Edward Carter Preston: ‘Sensing’ a Modern Landscape by Guest Writer Ed Montana-Williams

Depictions of landscape are perhaps some of the most iconic works in British Art. According to Adrian Bury, ‘it is as national as the language itself, as much part of England as her contours and climate’.[1] This tradition is however also one of the most maligned and misunderstood genres. The over familiar reproductions of Constable’s work in such ghastly manifestations as Haywain jigsaws, tea towels and biscuit tins, conveys a twee image of nostalgic, bucolic charm. Whilst the ‘eternal brown cows in ditches’, which John Ruskin railed against, hang in countless collections in Britain’s provincial galleries.

Interview: Elaine Mitchener talks SWEET TOOTH

Interview: Elaine Mitchener talks SWEET TOOTH

SWEET TOOTH is a cross-disciplinary music theatre piece devised by vocal and movement artist Elaine Mitchener. It uses text, improvisation and movement to stage a dramatic engagement with the brutal realities of slavery, as revealed by historical records of the British sugar industry and to illuminate its contemporary echoes.

A brief introduction to etching

A brief introduction to etching
George Drought & Simon Roodhouse in the Bluecoat Print Studio, 1977

Etching is one of the oldest methods of printing still used today. In order to find out a bit more about this technique, we asked Print Studio Manager and Abacus artist Frances Disley to explain the process used in creating an etching print. As well as being the Bluecoat Print Studio Manager, Frances is also a practicing artist, based at The Royal Standard in Liverpool.

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