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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: A Choral Bed-In

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Today the bed is full of song; a series of daytime lullabies will fill the air. We are joined throughout ...


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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: A Choral Bed-In

Today the bed is full of song; a series of daytime lullabies will fill the air. We are joined throughout the day by a series of choirs each one as different in style as they are in number, from the large and purple clad OOAC choir to the giggling girly night in from Sense of Sound.

Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Nina Edge - In Bed with the Developers

During the course of Nina Edge’s Bed-In she is presented with the fact that 37,000 houses in Liverpool lay empty.

Bed-In at the Bluecoat: DOROTHY Two Fingers to War!

This is our second Bed-In of the day, ad as the short day gives way to the long night. The Bed is shifted across the already full space of the Hub. Where trying to slip the bed in-between the speeches and singing seem to fit the end of term atmosphere currently buzzing around the air.

Bed-In Day 38- "VOICE PEACE"- Sunshine Gray with Daz Disley

BLOG BY SUNSHINE GRAY-      Voice Peace for the Bed-in, Bluecoat, Liverpool

A great day recording members of the public speaking a few words from Give Peace a Chance for the Bed-in at the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

Many thanks to all the people who took part who were charming, hilarious & brave.

Daz Disley did a sterling job as recordist in the bed - with his miniaturised, self-contained audio equipment.

I will be reducing the recordings down to a 3min sound piece which will be heard online & in the gallery later in the month.

Bed In at the Bluecoat: Remember

When myself and Paddy, who was unable to be there on the day, first started devising the idea for this piece we talked for a very long time about the Afghanistan war and we were shocked ourselves as to how little we actually stopped to think about what is actually happening out there every day. We hear about it on the news, it is written about in the newspapers and families around the country have to deal with the fact that their phone could be next to ring with the news that their family member has been killed in a long running conflict that many people believe is unwinnable. We were determined above all to bring home the true cost of this conflict in human life and make people think, talk and question what we are truly looking to achieve in Afghanistan. Because after all, it is our country, our friends, our brothers, our sisters, our sons and our daughters fighting a war every day.

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