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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Energy of Outrageousness

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How serious are you about peace? Does the notion of a world without conflict strike you as an absurdity? Or ...


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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Energy of Outrageousness

How serious are you about peace? Does the notion of a world without conflict strike you as an absurdity? Or is it a world of peace that strikes you as an absurdist notion?

Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Breakfast in Bed with the Cake Liberation Front

The Cake Liberation Front is a baking group started by a small group of people
who follow a vegan diet and are passionate about baking and pushing the
boundaries of animal free cuisine. We want to smash the stereotype of dry
fruitcake and sugar free flapjacks. There are plenty of recipes out there that
you would never know are animal free if you weren't told!

We focus on baked goods and cooking without animal ingredients. So, that means
no eggs, butter, cream, cows, sheep or goats milk and yoghurt or honey and no
decorating ingredients containing things like gelatine, shellac or beeswax.

We are based in central Manchester and our bi-montly meetings are social events
which involve bringing and sharing food, swopping recipes and drinking lots of
brews. Our meetings are open to everyone - vegans, vegetarians, meateaters! Some
people come because they have allergies and want to find out more about cooking
without dairy or eggs. Some people have family who have allergies or are vegan
and they want to learn how to make baked goods for them.

We had a brilliant day at the Bed-In at the Bluecoat. We gave away over 200
samples of vegan muffins and the response from the public was very positive.
Lots of people stopped and chatted and asked questions. People were curious as
to what replaced eggs, milk and butter in the recipes and how we got the muffins
to rise. They were also interested to hear how much easier and quicker vegan
cakes are to make than non-vegan. 50 of our recipe sheets went home with people
so hopefully they'll be giving the recipes a try soon.

Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Esperanto ce la enlitigo (Esperanto at the Bed-In)

Esperanto shares John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s aims of world peace and international harmony It was born out of hope and idealism that by speaking an international language, people would rise above nationality to communicate on an equal footing.

Reflections on the spending review by Alastair Upton, Chief Executive at the Bluecoat

Despite knowing it would not make matters immediately clearer on the Bluecoat's position I waited for this weeks comprehensive spending review anxiously and almost eagerly.  It represented a major milestone that had to be passed before we can get on with planning and delivering our future. Now we have had the statement as I expected, it is not much clearer how this will effect the Bluecoat.

Bed-In at the Bluecat : 'Lego World' - Jennifer Gaskell abd Phil Brankin

When do we begin to shape our world? Where is that elusive childhood point where our fingers begin to grip and manipulate the world around us in an attempt to recreate and understand the bigger world which surrounds us and how the things we learn in play become part of us?

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Bluecoat is Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, the oldest in the UK. Our landmark building, located in the ...

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