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Weekly Blog 15: Artists and the Bluecoat Building

published by The Bluecoat

This week's blog will be the last in our series dedicated to My Bluecoat, as we look ahead to the ...


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Some of Bluecoat's retailers will be open from Monday 15 June. Retailers will be operating reduced opening hours and we recommend you contact individual shops for details. Our galleries, cafe and building remain closed at this time.

Located in the heart of Liverpool's shopping district, the Bluecoat houses a number of specialist independent retailers offering an eclectic range of beautifully designed handmade and unique products.

Stocking the best in contemporary craft, design, music, fashion and homewares, the shops at the Bluecoat should be your first destination in the city for the unique and the unusual. Use the links on the left hand side and below to see what each of our ten retailers make, sell and do.

the Bluecoat Display Centre
Kernaghan Books
R&J Porter: Jeweller, Silversmith, Commissions & Hand Engraver
Root Houseplants & Mary Mary Florists
Probe Records
J.H. Benson & Co
Spellbound Hair & Beauty
Dressology by Cristiana

Weekly Blog 10: HALLUCINATIONS by Suki Chan - Film Premiere

This week we are thrilled to bring you a UK exclusive premiere of acclaimed artist Suki Chan’s new film HALLUCINATIONS. It follows the experience of two people living with dementia, offering a fresh and startlingly honest investigation of what it feels like to live with the condition.

The film's theme of the passage of time informs other articles, activities and music in this week’s blog. We hope you find some time this week to immerse yourself in Suki’s film, enjoy our latest playlist and discover Holly Cornfield Carr’s poetry alongside her nominated poet Elizabeth-Jane Burnett.

Suki Chan UK film premiere: HALLUCINATIONS

This week we focus on the work of artist Suki Chan and are delighted to have an exclusive UK preview of her new film HALLUCINATIONS (2020) which is currently on show at Science Gallery, Rotterdam.

The short film is available to view on Vimeo along with her 2017 film Lucida until 5pm on Wed 3 Jun.

HALLUCINATIONS is an immersive journey into the personal experiences of two people living with dementia, juxtaposed with the perspective of two carers.

It is part of a wider body of work, CONSCIOUS, that explores what it means to be conscious in a technological age. CONSCIOUS will be coming to Bluecoat in 2021.

Read more about Suki's work here.

You Are Here

Suki Chan’s relationship to Bluecoat started in 2002 when she participated in You Are Here, a live art programme during Liverpool Biennial.

Curated by Bluecoat and Live Art Development Agency, performances and installations took place on and offsite. A diversity of UK and international artists reflected new identities, beyond nationality, ethnicity and sexuality. Suki collaborated with another Hong Kong-born artist, photographer Dinu Li. Their Shadow Songs, a two-channel video installation with live performance, played with concepts of dualities, blurring distinctions between the real and the imaginary.

Read the illustrated brochure here and see images from Shadow Songs below.

Read more about Suki's work here.

The Passage of Time Playlist 

Our Artistic Director Bryan Biggs dives into his eclectic record collection to create a playlist on the theme of the passage of time. Time has occupied songwriters since time immemorial and been expressed across all musical genres. Here you'll find popular music from the past six decades, including blues, R&B, soul, pop, rock, psychedelia, reggae, easy listening, house music and spoken word.


Listen on Youtube here.      |      Listen on Spotify here.

Read more about Bryan's selection here.

Where the Arts Belong

In 2019, Bluecoat started Where the Arts Belong, in partnership with ground-breaking care provider Belong. The project aims to bring enriching arts experiences to people living with dementia. 
Where the Arts Belong completed its first phase last year at Belong Crewe, where five artists from different disciplines including dance, story-telling, film-making and ceramics delivered a bespoke programme of creative workshops for residents, and their families.  

The project had expanded to include a collaboration with the Atkinson in Southport and plans to take the project to other Belong villages, when Coronavirus struck. The programme is currently on hold and we look forward to resuming the project when it is safe to do so.
Watch our film to find out more about the success of the project at Belong Crewe. 

Where the Arts Belong is funded by Arts Council England and Baring Foundation through the Celebrating Age Programme.



Family Activity - Greetings from Home

Who doesn't love to receive a postcard? In these uncertain times, many older people might be feeling lonely and on their own. We are inviting children to design their own "Greetings from Home" postcard to share with older people in their community. 

Simply print this template or create your own design on a piece of paper. You can either share your artwork with older people in your community, post it in your window or send it to us via social media and we'll share it with the communities we work with.

Poetry from Holly Corfield Carr

As part of our ongoing programme of poetry, Holly Corfield Carr shares her poem ‘Spectral Glide’, written on the East Soar cliffs in which the poet beautifully connects the landscape to her own senses. Corfield Carr has also been inspired by Suki Chan’s work on consciousness to reflect on an extract from Elizabeth-Jane Burnett’s poem, ‘Swim X, The English Channel’.

“One day, when we can, let’s convene on a coast, swim a poem together” writes Corfield Carr. To read more from Holly and see both poems, click here.


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