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It's 5 years since we re-opened!

Now we are five... sounds like an AA Milne book doesn’t it? In actual fact, it is five years since we reopened our doors to you, the public, after we successfully redeveloped out capital and became ‘the Bluecoat’ that you now know and love. In that time we have shown a plethora of mulit-award winning international artists, hosted part of the Cultural Olympiad in partnership with DaDaFest, supported countless artists and creative businesses, welcomed back Yoko Ono, contributed to three Biennials, planted creative seeds in more than two-and-a-half million visitors and held over 500 events! It’s been busy and it’s definitely worth celebrating. We’re not the only ones who think so either. The Echo has already run a feature (click here for Peter Guy’s article) and the Daily Post came and interviewed one of our top dogs, Artistic Director Bryan Biggs to find out more. Tonight we have an anniversary party planned (starting at 5.30pm. Please stop by; we’ll be in the Bistro toasting our successes) and there is a weekend packed full of activity (click here for more details), during which we will reflect on the last five years and look ahead to an even bigger celebration, out three hundredth birthday!

Pop along tonight to hear artist Janet Hodgson speak about her film based at the Bluecoat, Re-run (7pm), which we’ll be re-screening in the Sandon Room over the weekend, following its commission and unveiling in 2008 for the reopening.

Whether you helped to cut our red ribbon on 15 March 2008, or not, we would love to see you here. Come on – let’s dance! Speaking of which, once you’ve raised your glass, why not enjoy a bit of the LEAP festival by seeing Feel About Your Body (How do you?), here at 8pm.

I’m so excited for us! What a landmark (in more ways than one!). Happy anniversary everyone and thank you to all of the artists, creative community members, staff, volunteers, technicians, helpers, partners, associates, board members, sponsors, Councils (Arts and local), members and visitors for making this such a special building in such a special city. We could not have done this without you. Thank you.

We hope to see you tonight!



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