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Weekly Blog 15: Artists and the Bluecoat Building

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This week's blog will be the last in our series dedicated to My Bluecoat, as we look ahead to the ...


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The Bluecoat Art Raffle

Get your tickets for the Bluecoat Art Raffle! Final week to purchase - only £20 each

Over 100 artists have generously donated a postcard-sized work to help the Bluecoat raise money for its 2014 programme.
Each raffle ticket purchased will guarantee you a unique and original artwork. However, the identity of the artist of the work you win will only be revealed at a live draw event taking place at the Bluecoat next Tuesday evening, 17 December, from 7pm.

Until then you can check out what’s on offer by following the “Art Raffle at the Bluecoat” Facebook group   We will be regularly uploading images of the art works as they arrive at the Bluecoat. You will see the beautiful, creative and distinctive ways that artists have utilised a 4x6 inch postcard. From painting and drawing, to film and sculpture, each postcard will offer something unique. 

A selection of the artworks will be displayed at the Bluecoat in the Vide space from this Thursday (12 December), 10am-6pm, until next Tuesday, when they will all be on display.
Here are just some of the artists who have contributed:

Mark Anstee, Mike Badger, Katriona Beales, Bryan Biggs, Jyll Bradley, Pete Carr, Jagjit Chuhan, Pete Clarke, Rick Creed, Gill Curry, John Davies, Tadhg Devlin, Sara Devoreux-Ward, Fran Disley, Alan Dunn, Georg Gartz, Peter Hagerty, Madeline Hall, Steve Hardstaff, Janet Hodgson, Kevin Hunt, David Jacques, Brigitte Jurack, Gareth Kemp, Jeanne-Marie Kenny, Tony Knox, Lisa Kronenburg, Brendan Lyons, Patricia Mackinnon-Day, David Mackintosh, Richard Meaghan, McCoy Wynne, Nicki McCubbing, Geoff Molyneux, Neil Morris, Tabitha Moses, Bernadette O’Toole, Richard Proffitt, James Quin, Amrit & Rabindra Singh, Tony Smith, Markus Soukup, Emily Speed, Nick Sykes, Chiz Turnross, Susan Walsh, Stephen Walter, Claire Weetman, Jan Williams & Chris Teasdale, Elizabeth Willow, Alex Wolkowicz, Anthony Wong, Simon Woolham, Robyn Woolston, Hannah Wooll

All the artworks will be displayed at the Bluecoat in the Vide space this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (15-17 December, 10am-6pm), and if you can’t make it down, then you can see the images on our website.
To purchase a ticket contact the Bluecoat Tickets and Information desk on 0151 702 5324 or buy online through the Bluecoat website  


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