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Weekly Blog 16: Artists in Residence at Bluecoat

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This week’s blog features the work we do with artists in our residency studios, a beautiful film about our print ...


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Screenprint Tutorial by Print Studio Manager, Frances Disley

Screenprinting is a process where ink is pushed through a mesh stretched onto a frame. The way that artwork is created is by controlling where the ink goes through this mesh which uses a similar idea to stencilling. We use a photosensitive emulsion which is hardened in uv light to create our screens which allow artists to create intricate artworks.


1. To create your artwork you need to create a stencil which will block this uv light for instance a drawing onto transparent film which is referred to as a positive.





2. The screen is then coated with the photo sensitive emulsion.








3. This is then put into a drying cabinet to dry.







4. Your artwork is then placed over a uv light with your screen to harden the emulsion.






5. Your artwork is then washed out of the screen using water leaving a stencil for you to print.







6. After drying your screen is then placed into a printing bed which will keep it in place whilst printing.






7. Now it’s time to mix up your ink ready to print.








8. Ink is then placed onto the screen.







9. Having placed paper under your screen you then use a rubber squeegie to pull ink through the screen and onto your page.





10. You can then step back and admire your finished print!

Want to learn more or try it out for yourself? Book a place now on our Introduction to Screenprinting with Dave Evans!

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