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The Bluecoat Restructure Sees Renewed Focus on Public Engagement

The Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for contemporary arts and the UK’s oldest arts centre, has announced a restructure which will see it create five new roles.

The changes support the organisation’s long-term commitment to invest more heavily in its arts programme and will allow the Bluecoat to reach more people and expand the ways in which the public can learn about, and enjoy, the arts.

The Bluecoat is well known for working with many different communities, from children and families, to adults with learning disabilities and people with dementia and their carers, in order to bring the arts to a wide range of people.

The restructure means the organisation can streamline its operations and further develop its work with those who might not otherwise access the arts, while continuing to provide a first-class arts programme.

Now the organisation is beginning its search for dynamic, enthusiastic individuals to fill the following new roles: Front of House Manager (full-time); Participation Manager (part-time); Building and Security Manager (full-time); and two Participation co-ordinators (one full-time and one part-time).

Mary Cloake said: “I have high expectations for the Bluecoat and the contribution it can make to the lives of the people of Merseyside and beyond.

“The arts sector as a whole is currently under pressure to reduce costs. We have carried out an extensive review of our operations, and I believe the changes we have made will allow us to re-focus our core efforts on creating an exciting arts programme which will resonate with people both in Liverpool and further afield.

“Undertaking a restructure is always a difficult exercise, as it affects staff who are a valuable part of the Bluecoat. We have redeployed personnel where we could but sadly we have had to make two posts redundant. These redundancies, along with the non-replacement of staff who have progressed onto other positions outside of the Bluecoat, have allowed us to create a further five new roles which will better serve our organisational needs.

“As a result of the exercise, we will have now have designated staff members who will help more people find ways of connecting with our exciting, vibrant exhibitions and growing performing arts programme.”

The Bluecoat showcases and develops talent across visual art, music, dance, live art and literature. Over the past 12 months it has received rave reviews for its exhibition 3am: wonder, paranoia and the restless night, which went on to tour the UK, and has also become the first arts centre in the country to appoint a philosopher-in-residence.

It has also just added to its many community arts schemes by launching Out of the Blue, arts groups located across Liverpool, in Anfield, Kensington, Norris Green and Walton, to encourage children aged six to nine with an interest in art to develop their skills through a range of activities.

To apply for any of the jobs, please click here.


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Who's blogging?

October Half Term at Bluecoat

published by Barry

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