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Interview with an Intern: Amy Lou Davies

Tell us about your apprenticeship: What department did you specialise in and what kind of duties were involved?
As the Social Media apprentice, I worked alongside my colleagues Jen Ross, Marketing Officer and Phil Bridges, Press Officer, as part of the marketing team. My role soon merged into journalism and photography from the skills I already had implemented and I took charge of creating content for our social media and website. Each day is different – I’ll be organising press files, another day I’m writing blog posts, or photographing an event; filming a preview of an exhibition; or interviewing artists such as illustrator Stephen Walter or musician Robert Vincent.

Do you have any side-projects that aren’t part of your role at the Bluecoat?
I often photograph gigs around Liverpool, particularly any Mellowtone events and I was very lucky to cover Sound City ‘14.  
I’m also an ambassador/producer of FLUX Liverpool- a young people’s art festival that took place in arts venues across the city during the summer last year, which I would never have discovered had it not been through my contacts made here at the Bluecoat. We’ve got some very exciting plans for the future, which is currently embargoed, sorry!

How did your apprenticeship tie into your career aims?
To be honest, before my job at the Bluecoat I didn’t have any set particular career aim, I just knew I wanted to be involved in Liverpool’s arts scene in some way and took this opportunity as almost like a compass to point to where I really want to go. My role became experimental and I soon found myself drawn to journalism through blogging, interviewing, photographing, filming and documenting the many events and people that come through the doors of the Bluecoat. After my apprenticeship ended in October, the Bluecoat took me on as a part-time Marketing Assistant for another 3 months.

What is your opinion on the current exhibition, Listening?
I’m in love with it. It’s my favourite so far! I’m really into experimental music and the marrying of art and audio is beautifully executed thanks to curator Sam Belinfante. It’s bringing in a new crowd and is appealing to younger creative audiences. Even if you’re not a fan of the arts, it’s still an interesting immersive experience and you have to walk around a few times to really catch everything, as a lot of the work is interactive. My favourite work is Cabin Fever by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller – with headphones on, you peer into a box with a forest scene and this little house lit up: you can create your own narrative as you hear the conversations going on inside the house.

Why do you feel internships and apprenticeships are important? How do they benefit people in general?
I found the whole experience of university just wasn’t me. I’ve always learnt more through experience and an apprenticeship could give me that. A degree is necessary for some career paths such as Science, Medicine and Law but the route I want to take depends more on experience.
The world is changing and if you are extremely passionate about something, (for me, it’s the Arts), gain as much experience as possible; make yourself known by networking with as many people in that sector as possible; work hard; stay focused and build an amazing portfolio/CV– you can go anywhere you please!

What’s next?
I’ll be putting Liverpool on hiatus as I have a few opportunities available, moving down south to further my career in art journalism and events! I have made some amazing contacts from my time at the Bluecoat and will continue to get involved in Liverpool’s art & music scene through photography and my work with FLUX Liverpool.


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