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Interview with an Intern: Christina Porter

Tell us about your internship: what department do you specialise in and what kind of duties are involved?

My internship is based in the Engagement department, connecting Marketing, Front of House and Participation. I help prepare and deliver the Out of the Blue project, after school art clubs with Betty, as well as Blue Room with Becky. I work within the Marketing and Press department alongside Jen and Phil, uploading events onto the website and engaging with audiences through social media. I also work with the Front of House Team, helping on the Tickets & Information desk, running the galleries and providing admin support.

What do you think of the current exhibitions at the Bluecoat?

I think the Tricia Porter photographs are great. You can recognize parts of Liverpool and can see the change within the culture. The other exhibitions are really interesting and have deeper meanings about politics and landscape (Xavier Ribas: Nitrate and Tabitha Jussa: Memorandum of Understanding).

How did your internship tie into your career aims?

Since studying my degree, I have been interested in working in galleries. This was the perfect starting position for me to build the right contacts and experience. I wasn’t sure which part of working in galleries I like most and I still don’t, however there’s something about being around art that makes me really happy.

What do you enjoy most about working here at the Bluecoat?

This job is really rewarding. It’s great to bring art into the community and I enjoy working with the children.  It’s been fun when the children visit the Bluecoat and we play games and make work based on the exhibitions with Blue Room.

Do you have any side-projects that aren’t part of your role at the Bluecoat? 

I work as an artist, and have exhibited for Liverpool Irish Festival and Hanover Project. My main practice is playing with photomontage and looking at urban landscapes. I am exhibiting and curating work for Look/15 at Infinite Art Space, using memories of my grandmother as a theme.

How do you feel about internships and apprenticeships? Do they benefit people generally?

Working in the arts is competitive and this internship offered me the chance to work for the Bluecoat. I've always known working in the arts is my passion, however opportunities for graduates are difficult to find. It has helped my CV and given me the right skills and knowledge to develop further.

What’s next?

I am finding further work within art organisations in the North West. I want to continue working in galleries and this internship has given me the required transferable skills. I also want to get my own artist’s studio and spend more time making art and doing some freelance work in participation.

The Bluecoat is currently recruiting an Engagement Intern, click here for more information and to apply.


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