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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Mersey Marauders

It’s a Bed-In kick off today!  As Liverpool and Everton go through there pre match warm ups before they meet each other on the football pitch, Paul Aman is going through his own pre match warm up before entering the bed. Pauls warm up may not be as intense as the two derby teams, involving as it does the drinking of tea and the placing of the Mersey Marauders FC banners.  

As the TV pundits go through the various details of the previous weeks matches, discussing the relative materials of certain player’s performance. Something similar is happening in the bed as Paul is joined by (?) as they enter into a discussion regarding homophobia in football, it’s an engaging and well thought-out argument which makes the point that sexuality, like the passion you would support or play for your team with, isn’t the sole definition of a person.

Once the discussion is over, this is where the important stuff starts as the other team members of Mersey Marauders and their BAPS (Boyfriends and Partners) begin to turn up and the usually sedate Sunday afternoon atmosphere of the Hub starts to resemble that of a local pub.  With the air filled with the gasps of the achingly close almost goals and the chasing encouragement of the supporters.

Unfortunately Paul’s team, Liverpool, lost but he can take heart in terms of equality and fairness he has scored.


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