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Weekly Blog 10: HALLUCINATIONS by Suki Chan - Film Premiere

published by The Bluecoat

This week we are thrilled to bring you a UK exclusive premiere of acclaimed artist Suki Chan’s new film HALLUCINATIONS. It follows ...


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Bluecoat secures £150,000 of Arts Council funding

Bluecoat today welcomed news it has secured £150,000 funding from Arts Council England’s Catalyst: Evolve fund.

The funding is offered to arts organisations who have demonstrated an emerging track record in fundraising from individuals, trusts, foundations or businesses.

The grant, which will be used to enable Bluecoat to cement its place as Liverpool's centre for contemporary arts, is split in two parts – Bluecoat will receive an initial £50,000, then the remainder is match funded, meaning the Arts Council will match every pound donated by individuals, companies and foundations to Bluecoat up to the value of £100,000. 

Chief Executive of Bluecoat Mary Cloake said: “This funding offers a great opportunity for Bluecoat to sustain and develop its work.   

“At Bluecoat we are committed to creating remarkable experiences for the people of Liverpool, making excellent and challenging artistic work accessible to the widest possible audience, and supporting artists’ development.  

“Our programmes make a huge difference to the lives of primary school children, people with learning disabilities, families and the many other groups that make up our diverse and wonderful city. This funding will help us to create a sustainable organisation that will continue to do that for decades to come. 

"Next year Bluecoat celebrates the 300th anniversary of its historic building and this funding comes at the perfect moment as we look forward to a year of special shows, exhibitions and events, and the opening of a new century in Bluecoat's rich history.”


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