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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Collectve Encounters present The Peace Monologues

The members of the Collective Encounters: Theatre of the Third Age arrive in good spirits for their Bed-In, which slightly belies the message they are going to be spreading with their piece ‘The Peace Monologues’ which will see them recounting their personal experiences of conflict, these experiences ranges from the Falkland’s War to the Miners’ strike, all of which has shaped their desire for peace.

 So they get ready for bed and begin, nervously at first but soon they find their feet and quickly gain an audience who respond to the Collectives sincerity and good humour. It also seems clear to me that people are seeing their own experience reflected in the monologues, they even add an element of pantomime to proceedings as during the piece about the Miners’ Strike the crowd boo and hiss at the mention of Thatcher’s name!

Overall it has a sense of the personal which is typified which some of objects that has been bought in as supporting material including photographs and yellowing newspapers. These objects echo the sentiments of The Peace Monologues, will we ever learn or will we allow to the lessons that should be learnt from history to be forgotten to turn yellow and then turn to dust.  Hopefully with the likes of the members’ of Collective Encounters keeping the past alive then through that the future is kept alive.


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