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Expanding the Picture: Blue Room and INHABIT

Liverpool Improvisation Collective’s Mary Prestidge has been working with Blue Room – our group for learning-disabled adults on a new dance project, culminating in a performance this October. Aiming to strengthen links between the local artistic community and learning disabled artists, Mary’s work with Blue Room forms part of INHABIT, our three year programme of new and improvised dance. INHABIT Facilitator Kat gives an update on their progress.

Building up to their performance ‘Expanding the Picture’ on Friday 7th October, the Blue Room Dance and Movement Group have been working with Mary to bring together their ideas formed over the past few weeks. During the last session we have had some more time within the performance space, where the event will be held. 

There is a growing awareness of the group dynamic and of each individual working and developing in their own particular way. A great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction has been felt within the group – there has been collective support – either watching or spontaneously joining in with each other. There were some delicate duets performed, using hand to hand contact and anticipating each other's next movements. We have been continuing on with the ball practice and developing into a ball solo with group member Tony, using music chosen by the group. Trying out characters and costumes has also opened up new ideas, playing ‘pass the pose’!

Group member Diana went on to say, ‘Dancing has been great so far. I’ve had fun with the dancers and other staff. We have been using our legs and spinning across the floor. I’m working fine with Tony and the others, we are part of a group. Sometimes I will work with just Mary too. I have made an outfit in my Wednesday group that I want to wear for the performance, it’s nearly finished so I can show Mary!’

As part of INHABIT, there will be a programme of events available for the public to get involved. If you are interested in dance or would like to be on our mailing list for future dance related events then please contact Katrina Shock, INHABIT Facilitator,  

Expanding the Picture will be on Fri 7 Oct at 7pm. 

Book tickets for Expanding the Picture here, find out more about INHABIT here, and visit our Blue Room page here.


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