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Blue Room at Christmas

Blue Room is Bluecoat’s programme for learning disabled artists who come together to work in response to the Bluecoat’s galleries and wider programme, Recently Blue Room members have been working on a series of Christmas card designs to sell into the run up to Christmas. Utilising opportunities such as this enables the group to raise money to support their future artistic investigations.

The idea of raising money through making Christmas cards came after Blue Room members successfully sold limited edition merchandise bags last year, the profits of which went towards a GoPro camera. This has been used to document exhibition visits by the group, such as a recent trip to Lady Lever Art Gallery at Port Sunlight, as well as allowing the members to explore animation techniques and film based art.

 The cards were pressed at the Print Studios, Bluecoat’s vibrant open access printmaking facility, where members got to experience every aspect of the screenprinting process.

Blue Room member Michelle explained where she got inspiration for her Christmas card design.  

'I have been coming to Bluecoat for roughly 10 years. I like it here because I am with friends. I've learnt a lot of stuff here, like screenprinting and animation. We look around the exhibition and pick what we like. We talk about what materials we want to use in our own art work.

Where I live, I saw a fox crossing the road in the snow. This gave me the idea for my card design. I hope we sell lots of cards to get something special for Blue Room.'

Michelle’s work is one of seven Christmas designs available, on sale at Bluecoat.


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