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#ThanksToYou From 3-9 December 2018, we are offering free heritage tours and discounts to National Lottery players. This December as part of the #ThanksToYou campaign, ...


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The Stalwarts of Bluecoat Display Centre

Throughout 2017 Bluecoat will have a series of exhibitions and displays celebrating and exploring the 300 year history of the building. The first in this series of heritage displays, Art at the Heart of Bluecoat, focusses on the history of the building as the UK’s first art centre, which dates back to 1907, when the Sandon Studios Society took residence in the vacated old school. Coinciding with this exploration into Bluecoat’s history as an arts centre, our oldest tenants the Bluecoat Display Centre (who have occupied the building since 1959) open Stalwarts, an exhibition displaying new work by ceramic artists John Leach, John Ward, David & Margaret Frith, Emily Myers, Duncan Ross and Gabriele Koch.

These luminaries can be seen in major national public collections and this exhibition represents a unique opportunity for the general public to view and purchase their very collectable work.  A supporting loan display of earlier works by these artists drawn from the collection of National Museums Liverpool will illustrate how the individual artist's work has developed and changed over the years. All the loaned works were purchased from Bluecoat Display Centre in the past. The Stalwarts exhibition is curated by Dr Maureen Bampton who is somewhat of a stalwart herself, having just celebrated spending over 30 years in her role as Director, so many historic milestones and relationships will be commemorated in this show.

Highlights include Gabriele Koch who will be showing simple hand-built forms exploring balance and spatial relationships, of which Sir David Attenborough is a fan, saying “earth, water, air & fire. Gabriele Koch’s lovely pots speak of all those elements as vividly as any I know”. John Leach will also be exhibiting his one-off work during this exhibition that is available to purchase, and the “consummate, careful thrower” Emily Myers will have both porcelain and red stoneware pieces on display.











Both Stalwarts and Art at the Heart of Bluecoat represent just a small sample of the many hundreds of artists and makers who have shown in the two very individual spaces over the years, and provide a snapshot of the curatorial considerations of these two distinctive charitable organisations.

Admission Free 
Stalwarts is on display until Sat 18 Mar 
For further information and images please contact Maureen Bampton 
Bluecoat Display Centre 



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