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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Poets for Peace

 Words are like weapons they wound some time, sang Cher though it may seem flippant to quote from a 80s power ballad classic, but we are all aware of the power of words. Not only do they have the power to hurt they have the power to heal, to help form and build a better world.


For today’s Bed-In Poets for Peace, a collective featuring Dave Ward, Sylvia Hikin, Tom Vipond and Eleanor Rees are searching for those words. But they need help and they are more than willing to involve the visitors to The Bluecoat as they seek out people to come and use the playful letter generating device called ‘The Push Pull Poetry Machine’.


This device, where you are required to throw a ping pong ball into a lettered hole in order to get a letter which will start your peace word, adds a fairground element to the proceedings and adds the to the upbeat air that surrounds the bed. I must also add that this air is filled will and enhanced by the delicate Harp playing of Eleanor Rees.


As the day goes on and the words go on the wall they form, well I guess you could a stick up poem (rather then cut-up), a cipher signposting everyone’s spontaneous wishes, ambitions for and associations of peace, but I should leave the last words to Sylvia Hikins:

The Reasons Why.

Peace is not how you are,

it's how you wamt to be:

the strongest root lies unseen,

sends off-shots.

You will, I am, others were

all part of one possible world,

a trillion staers hurled apart:

start with a sense of time and space,

small beliefs, a beat of hearts,

then, standing under a instantly blossoming tree,

we find onrselves singing.


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