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Bed-In Day 16- "WORLD TOWN"- Young Tate

“In World-Town there are no nationalities and no borderlines. Everyone is equal. It is free of prejudice.”

The group from Young Tate chose to take non-violent action towards creating a "New" and "Better" world. The action of young Tate was thought provoking and aimed to create a world where there are no "Borders".

They began the day by taking to the streets to ask the public to contribute to the constitution along with their own ideologies for World Town". These suggestions were then raised at the constitutional debate held in the bed. The group then discussed each suggestion in turn and voted on whether each motion should be passed of not.

Throughout the day the public was also invited to join in with the making of individual flags, which were then pieced together with the other small flags to make one large communal “World Town” flag.

The group then created the “World Town” Anthem. The lyrics were written using the comments and suggestions made by the public to make a totally original piece of music.

Anthem for “World Town”:

I’m a part time worker, been workin’ part time                                                                            Gonna get enough money, gonna free my mind 

(Chorus)-                                                                                                                              In world town, world town, ah-ahahahh, world town

Ain’t got no guns, no ammunition                                                                                                but I tell you what, we got food for the kitchen!


I’m as good as you, you’re as good as me                                                                                      don’t matter what you wear, or you’re ethnicity

(Chorus)...(fade to end)


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