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New Assistant Curator joins Bluecoat's team

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We're pleased to announce that we have appointed Amrita Dhallu as our new Assistant Curator. Dhallu joins us following her ...


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National Volunteers' Week

Today marks the last day of National Volunteers’ Week and here at Bluecoat, we have been celebrating our brilliant volunteers all week.

As a charity, we are reliant on volunteers who play a crucial role in Bluecoat’s daily operations. They prove a friendly and informative welcome to our galleries, building relationships with visitors and supporting the delivery of events.

This week has been for volunteers; for their hard work and dedication to be acknowledged – it is about celebrating the huge range of people who give their time in so many ways, to both Bluecoat and across the entirety of the country.

Bluecoat is committed to ensuring that our volunteering program provides valuable, rewarding experiences. Our aim is to encourage those with a passion for the arts to share it with our visitors.

One of our volunteers, Stuart, explains what volunteering means to him:

“Volunteering at the Bluecoat has given me fantastic opportunities to be a part of the gallery and get involved with the installation of new exhibitions and a huge variety of events. Being a volunteer here has helped me rediscover my love of the arts. It has given me the confidence to return to education as a mature student to study fine Art. The best thing for me about volunteering here has to be the people I’ve met. Not just the amazing people who work and volunteer here but the variety of visitors, artists, designers, poets and more who are a part of everyday at Bluecoat”.

So this week and every week we would like to say a huge thank you volunteers like Stuart for making the “everyday at Bluecoat” so special and for helping us deliver our diverse programme, supporting local communities and artist development, all in the heart of this vibrant city.

Joining Bluecoat as a volunteer has many benefits, if you are interested in volunteering please click here for more information or email our Volunteer Coordinator Michael Lacey at

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