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Weekly Blog 16: Artists in Residence at Bluecoat

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This week’s blog features the work we do with artists in our residency studios, a beautiful film about our print ...


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Liverpool Biennial 2018: What the Critics Say…

It's been nearly a month since the launch of Liverpool Biennial 2018, a festival of contemporary art which invites audiences to collectively reflect on a world in social, economic and political turmoil.

For the Biennial’s 20th year celebrations of presenting international art in the city of Liverpool and the North West region, the reviews have been profoundly positive. Beautiful world, where are you? which includes seven Biennial artists showing across Bluecoat’s Gallery and exterior spaces, has received national and international recognition from publications such as The Observer, The Guardian, The Times and Frieze:

The Times

“This is a biennial I will remember for its emotional warmth and the consistency of its message” - Waldemar Januszczak


“The interpretations of beauty, of course, vary, making for a Liverpool Biennial that is both optimistic and challenging” - Charlotte Jansen

The Times

Bluecoat is “worth visiting… for the... film created by Ryan Gander with local children from Knotty Ash Primary School. Watching small children carefully describing unfamiliar things placed in front of them might well be… unadulterated joy” - Nancy Durrant

The Guardian

“That the world itself is marked by violence is clear in Melanie Smith’s new film, shown at Bluecoat. Focusing on a vast surface mine in Chile, once owned by the Guggenheim family, Smith films the ravaged salt pans and saltpetre mines, the daily explosions, the alkali emptiness. From the air, the landscape is a vast abstraction, as smeared and fractured as any Gerhard Richter painting. It is also a film of textures, animal warmth and broken rock” - Adrian Searle


“Works by Ryan Gander and Rehana Zaman showed it was the people of Liverpool who formed a thread through some of the most successful projects” - Tom Emery

Bluecoat presents new works by Abbas Akhavan, Shannon Ebner, Ryan Gander (with Jamie Clark, Phoebe Edwards, Tianna Mehta, Maisie Williams and Joshua Yates), Suki Seokyeong Kang, Silke Otto-Knapp, Melanie Smith and Janice Kerbel.

Click here to find out more about the artists showing at Bluecoat as part of Liverpool Biennial.

Follow the conversation online using #LB2018


Ryan Gander, Time Moves Quickly, 2018. Photo by Rob Battersby.

Melanie Smith, Maria Elena, 2018. Photo by Rob Battersby.


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