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Artist Suki Chan shares her first cups of tea with residents at Belong Villages in Crewe

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As part of Where the Arts Belong, a programme of projects exploring the impact of arts and culture on people living ...


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Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group Session Two: Dehumanise

How do we imagine or understand a Beautiful World?

In a series of participatory events artist Jon Davies extends an invitation on how we explain the times we’re living in and encourages us to share ideas, texts and conversations.

In the second session of the Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group, Davies will lead a discussion on Dehumanisation, asking:

What if we conceive the world without humans as the apex of control and need? What does it mean to become posthuman, and are we even there yet? Jon Davies invites participants to discuss what it means to be human, who gets to be humanised and the possibility of changing or even moving away from the humanist project which began over 4 centuries ago.

Below are some of the elements to be discussed:

Donna Haraway - Humanimal
'Donna Haraway is the author of A Cyborg Manifesto, and a leading philosopher on feminism as a posthumanist theory. Her work focuses on the relationships between things and possibilities of the collective consciousness against the notion of the individual human subject. Her last book Staying With The Trouble eschews the notion of the anthropocene (an epoch in which human activity as a dominant ecological force) towards exploring the possibilities kin-making with non-human subjects in the midst of environmental devastation.'

Jason W. Moore - Anthropocene or Capitalocene?
In this article Moore argues, in an excerpt of his book Capitalism In The Web Of Life, that rather than human behaviour being the most significant global force which has lead to climate change, Capital and the impact of industrialised production are erased from the current narrative of how we tackle today's ecological issues.

Kristina Zolatova - Fanon and Foucault on Humanism
The first two short articles of three outlines the necessity to critique the universalism of the human subject and its historical ties to ideologies of progress. Frantz Fanon's writings developed the post-colonial theory field, studying the psychology of the black subject in Western, white society; Michel Foucault was a philosopher whose work centres on power relations and control on society, as well as the social construction of human nature.“blackmail”-of-the-enlightenment/

Tue 11 Sep / 6 - 7pm

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