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Studio Me artists Joshua Henderson & Veronica Watson reflect on their first exhibition.

published by The Bluecoat

As our exhibition Studio Me draws to a close, we look behind the scenes and hear from artists Joshua Henderson ...


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Poetry & Fiction Events at Bluecoat

Join us this Autumn for a series of poetry and literature events as we welcome guest authors to Bluecoat including prize winning Northern poet Andrew McMillan and award-wining author Nick Laird. Plus, our Beautfiul Worldreading and discussion groups include sessions with artist Jon Davies and author Dianne Bauer

Upcoming Poetry & Fiction Events

Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group: Dehumanise
Tue 11 Sep
 / 6 - 7pm

Liverpool based artist Jon Davies invites participants to discuss what it means to be human and how dehumanisation is encroaching modern society. For more information and to access the readings, please click here.

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Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group: Defamilarise
Tue 25 Sep
 / 6 - 7pm

Joining us after the launch of her recent Verso book, Xenofeminism, A Politics for AlienationDiann Bauerwill lead a discussion on a version of feminism adequate to the conditions of complexity and abstraction constitutive of the early 21st century. Bauer will examine how  broadening our understanding of gender and sexuality, and whether the status quo is stopping us from working towards a better world.

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Andrew McMillan: Playtime
Wed 10 Oct
 / 6.30pm

Born in Yorkshire, McMillan's debut collection physical was the first ever poetry collection to win The Guardian First Book Award. His award-winning poetry has been praised for its power and conciseness and for the Liverpool launch of his new compilation playtime he presents intimate, sometimes painfully frank poems that take us back to childhood and early adolescence.

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Nick Laird: Readings & Conversation
Wed 17 Oct
 / 6.30pm

Join us for an evening of poetry, debate and insight with Acclaimed Northern Irish poet and novelist, Nick Laird, who makes his Liverpool literary debut. Acclaimed Northern His new poetry collection Feel Free is described by The Guardian as an 'outstanding collection' and concerns patterns of freedom and constraint - the family, the impress of history, the body itself - and how we might transcend them.

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Talking Poetry
Tue 18 Sep
 / Tue 16 Oct 6-8pm

Talking Poetry gatherings provide a monthly opportunity to listen and discuss poetry recordings on vinyl, audiotape, CD and downloads. The sessions are open to all and you do not need to have any expert knowledge, just an interest in poetry and the human voice, so please join us to listen to some of the greatest poetic voices.

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