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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

published by The Bluecoat

This September Bluecoat is delighted to be taking part in Heritage Open Days, the annual nationwide celebration of Britain’s ...


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Bluecoat Sensation Funny Looking Kids returns for Autumn

Bluecoat Sensation Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club brings the laughs for all ages back to town, taking you through Autumn, and Winter with chuckles and giggles for everyone

Funny Looking presents...

Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club Monthly at The Bluecoat

Fresh from LIMF, The Festival of Manchester, Rheged in Cumbria & Chester Storyhouse, Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club crashes back into the side of The Bluecoat this Autumn. Expect sketches, jokes, sing- alongs, quizzes, prizes, noises, and gales of sweeping laughter at this rip roaring monthly gig for kids of all ages! Grown up comedy! For kids! With an alternative twist...

There are strict rules: No Swears. No Peanuts. No Uniform. Bring Jokes.

Think Vic & Bob sharing a bag of chips with The Mighty Boosh, whilst watching Horrible Histories on VHS! They want your giggles, guffaws and chortles, from the first sketch to the final, legendary, joke competition. It’s an interactive ragtag bag of tomfoolery starring a cast of four, featuring the North West’s best-loved character comedians, performers and mirth wranglers.

Gav Cross is very Funny Looking. Originating the event in 2016 for the Liverpool Comedy Festival’s: Funny Looking Fringe, he is the host and ringmaster for every show, as well as a festival and school Storyteller. "It’s all about being fresh and funny but also not being afraid to be bold and surreal. We never talk down to the children. We unashamedly want to be entertaining across the board. We want the mums, dads, grannies and granddads to enjoy it just as much as the kids.”

Funny Looking team member, Liam Hale is a Character and Sketch Comedian by night and Psychology Teacher by day. He added, "Funny Looking Kids is a sandbox of silliness. Many bits we’ve created for FLK I’ve gone on to use for grown ups, it’s universally funny. It’s also great doing a gig with 4 other talented idiots and good friends.”

Fellow FLK Team Member, the definitely Funny Looking Lee Hithersay, Comedian, Actor and Rubbish Shakespeare Company Artistic Director, butted in; “Kids have literally fallen off their chairs laughing, we’ve been praised for creating an environment that all kids feel safe to interact in, and to top it off, we’ve have had children with all abilities tell their own homemade jokes. Honestly, it’s one of the best things I’ve done.”

Funny Looking Kids are: Gav CrossLee HithersayLiam Hale. Alice RowbottomRob Bond.

Audience Feedback and Endorsements

"Our kids walked away with a spring in their step and joy in their hearts!”
"A fab family event that encourages kids of all levels of confidence to get stuck in and have a go and have a laugh.”
"Big loves for Funny Looking Kids - our lot aren’t essentially very extrovert but felt safe and happy enough to join in and have a hoot!”
"Probably the most fun and joyous comedy thing going and brilliant that it's in the day, it means we can all come.”
"Organised chaos. A bizarre sketch show for kids full of nonsense. Very, very funny”



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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

published by The Bluecoat

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