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New Assistant Curator joins Bluecoat's team

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We're pleased to announce that we have appointed Amrita Dhallu as our new Assistant Curator. Dhallu joins us following her ...


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Deindustrialise - Reading Group Blog

We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, in which automation, AGI (artificial general intelligence) and immaterial labour is becoming more commonplace in all areas of work, including the social and cultural sector. This video nicely opens up the possibilities and predicaments of the fully automated world. In particular, what is the role of human society when in direct competition for employment with not only a globalised workforce but a self-producing economy beyond human labour?

The history of labour disputes are typically told regarding a dispute between the paymasters and the collective bargaining of unions in order to better work conditions, better compensate value production etc. In the Hot Autumn of 1969, worker disputes were rife in Italy, with one of the focal points at the Fiat factory in Turin; rather than simply insisting better working conditions in the automobile factories, as novelised by Nanni Balestrini ‘We Want Everything,’ many of the workers imported from the South of Italy fought against the notion of work itself.

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In Federico Campagna’s The Last Night the philosopher recalls the self-destruction of the Sicilian aristocracy and the act of ‘squandering’. It poses the questions of how much we rely on our material wealth, and furthermore if holding on to what makes our status impedes our ambitions to shake off our social boundaries, even from a point of privilege. In relating to work, this relationship of self-worth, status, and satisfaction which we gain from our labour, our social status, may stop us from achieving certain freedoms.

Jon Davies will be at Bluecoat on Tue 9 Oct for the next in the series of the Beautiful World Reading & Discussion Group



Tue 9 Oct / 6 - 7pm


Currently the UK labour force is facing a low productivity problem, despite reaching near full employment. The culture of work seeps into our private lives to the point that many boast of being busy. Jon Davies seeks to ask why we have become so invested in work, and what would happen if we prioritised free time and laziness in our lives.

Tickets: £3 per session.

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