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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

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This September Bluecoat is delighted to be taking part in Heritage Open Days, the annual nationwide celebration of Britain’s ...


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Series of special events celebrate the final phase of INHABIT, Bluecoat’s New Dance programme.

INHABIT is in its final phase at Bluecoat. This three year programme of New Dance champions the independent dancer and includes audiences and participants from the wider community in the making and performance of new work. 2019, the final year of the programme, is marked by a series of special events.

Based at Bluecoat, Mary Prestidge, Paula Hampson, and Jo Blowers are members of Liverpool Improvisation Collective (LIC), the dance artists behind the INHABIT programme.

Bluecoat has recently hosted two popular INHABIT performances which you may have seen. Prestidge presented Expanding the Picture II, alongside emerging dance artists Tony Carroll and Diana Disley, whilst Hampson, in collaboration with members of Liverpool’s Kinship Carers charity, presented In the Palm of My Hand.

In this final series of INHABIT events, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the work behind the scenes of these two performances and the ideas that drove the artists involved, along with LIC’s experience of the wider INHABIT project.


Inspiring Imagination

Wed 6 Mar | 2 - 4pm | Tickets: £5/3 | More Info | Book Now

For the last three years, Mary Prestidge has worked with emerging dance artists Tony Carroll and Diana Disley from Blue Room and together they presented Expanding the Picture II, an immersive performance event which brought authenticity to the fore.

“The performers were mesmerising. Loved their individuality and agency to share who they are and what they enjoy. Their timing, attention and sensitivity to one another was beautiful. Empowering.” - Audience member feedback.

“Beautiful and moving. Love the connection between Diana and Tony. Fantastic seeing the improvement in both Diana and Tony.” - Audience member feedback

Join all three dance artists for this workshop where you can take part in a typical session of improvisation and play. There will be time for reflection, discussion, and exchange about the work.


New Territory - Real Lives

Wed 20 Mar | 6 - 8pm | Tickets: £5/3 | More Info | Book Now

In early February, Paula Hampson presented In the Palm of My Hand, a performance created with and featuring members of the Kinship Carers charity from Liverpool. It was a powerful performance telling stories of Kin Carer families through music, film, and movement. Hampson’s goal was to engage with people from different communities through dance, and In the Palm of My Hand was the result of many months collaboration.

“[I’ve] never attended these kinds of community based performance in the UK. It was great to know how Bluecoat and the community are connected to each other.” - Audience member feedback.

“Extremely powerful to demonstrate [the] struggles and challenges through dance and [performance].” - Audience member feedback.


In her upcoming workshop, New Territory - Real Lives, Paula will share her practice and invite participants to explore the idea of engagement, both socially and personally, through creative movement, improvisation, drawing and writing.


Symposium - Moving Dialogues

Sat 6 Apr | 10.30am - 5pm | Tickets: £30/£20 (includes light refreshments) | More Info | Book Now

Join us for a one-day event designed for artists and educators, delivered by LIC artists Jo Blowers, Paula Hampson & Mary Prestidge.

This symposium is the culmination of INHABIT and provides the opportunity for them to share, with invited guests, their experience of INHABIT having worked across participation, practice innovation, programme and audience development.

The event includes a practical workshop, discussions, presentation and performance.

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Visit Bluecoat for Heritage Open Days

published by The Bluecoat

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