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Bed-In at the Bluecoat: Snooze of the World

Today is very special here at the Bed-In we have some very special guests! We have been joined by the Prime Minister Dave Cameron, the other less effective one: Nick Clegg and their friend George Osborne. Well almost if that did happen you would of heard about it, it is in fact two members of earthrepublic in rather fetching Dave and Nick masks and George appears in cuddly ape form.

Snuggling under a duvet made from newspaper stories about them and what they’ve been doing in the past 7 months, after Dave and Nick decided to cosy up in their own Bed-In and forget about the world. The earthrepua blic guys clearly see the current regime as a pair of hungover toffs, having blown all the money on a 11 year party who in order to keep their party going have decided to throw everyone else out.

As the people (or commoners as they are often referred to) pass by, Dave and Nick cheerfully wave their empty bottles of Champers gleefully asking for requests for things to cut, get used to it as its going to be the closest thing to democracy were going to get.

Don’t worry as Dave and Nick seem to be on are side as everybody walks pass are wished a Happy Austerity!  A flip remark which underpins the currently feeling that even though the reckless economic reasoning of are apparent betters, the same people who are asking us to take the brunt of whatever cuts are looming over us.

Though today’s Bed-In is full of humour , it does make me wonder what happens when the bad joke that is the ConDems stops being funny, whats going to happen?  What’s going to happen when the resentment grows on all sides and a generation who did all the right things, studied hard and played right finds themselves with nothing.

Whats going to happen?


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