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Weekly Blog 16: Artists in Residence at Bluecoat

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This week’s blog features the work we do with artists in our residency studios, a beautiful film about our print ...


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Blue Room at Bluecoat

Did you know Bluecoat runs an inclusive arts programme for learning disabled adults? Watch our short film to find out more about our Blue Room artists and how vital they are to the creative community at Bluecoat.

We deliver 1,200 hours of Blue Room sessions every year, but as a charity, we need your help to ensure this essential programme continues to thrive.



Since 2008 three groups of Blue Room artists have met weekly in our gallery. They explore our exhibitions and create their own artwork inspired by what they see. Members are supported to develop creative and social skills, building confidence and greater independence. Through this rich and varied programme Blue Room artists can try a wide range of media and creative expression including drawing, painting, textiles, photography, sculpture, animation and performance.  The artists have access to our specialist resources such as the Bluecoat Print Studio, and regularly collaborate with local artists. 

Blue Room artists have gone on to hold their own exhibitions at Bluecoat and beyond. Most recently we saw Joshua Henderson and Veronica Watson exhibit their work in Studio Me within our 2018 winter exhibitions. Henderson and Watson have since shown work all around the world, including exhibitions in Shrewsbury and Australia. Read more about that here.

Along with exhibitions, Blue Room artists have held performances at Bluecoat, collaborating with resident dance artists from the Liverpool Improvisation Collective. In 2019 Tony Carrol and Diana Disley created and performed in Expanding the Picture II with dance artist Mary Prestidge

Many Blue Room artists also volunteer with Out of the Blue, our weekly art club for children aged 5-11 taking place in Norris Green, Clubmoor, Anfield and Granby. This gives the artists a chance to share their skills and grow their confidence. 

The group are an integral part of Bluecoat’s community, contributing in all areas of the organisation. Donate today and help ensure the continuation of this vital programme. 

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