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Sadia Pineda Hameed: The Song of My Life

published by The Bluecoat

Cardiff based artist, writer and independent curator Sadia Pineda Hameed was invited to show alongside Undo Things Done by Sean Edwards as part of Bluecoat’s ...


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Weekly Blog 16: Artists in Residence at Bluecoat

This week’s blog features the work we do with artists in our residency studios, a beautiful film about our print studio and a family activity with one of our favourite in-house artists, Joshua Henderson.  

We hope you have enjoyed reading these weekly blogs, and that they have provided some entertainment and food for thought during lockdown. This will be our last blog in this series, as we look ahead to planning for our reopening later this summer. 

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Emily Motto's My Bluecoat Collection 

Bluecoat and New Contemporaries Artist in Residence, Emily Motto, has created a new collection of archival material on our My Bluecoat website.

This new collection focuses on the ways that artists have used shape and structure to create extraordinary new forms that change the way we experience the Bluecoat building. Explore the collection here.

Residencies at Bluecoat 

As we work to reopen our building, curator Adam Lewis-Smythe gives us a behind the scenes look at our recent artist-in-residence programme. From chance encounters in shared studios, to journeys across the globe to research space travel, Adam’s blog shows how residencies can stimulate new ideas for artists. Click here to read the blog.

Bluecoat Print Studio

Print making has long been a feature at Bluecoat, stretching back to the beginnings of the arts centre in the early 20th century. It was practiced by studio artists and there were exhibitions of contemporary prints by, amongst others, Augustus John. A print studio was established when Bluecoat acquired a press for etching and classes started.

This short film, made for our tercentenary year of 2017, features artists Jean Grant and Frances Disley talking about the print process and their own relationships to the arts centre.



Family Activity 

This week we're taking inspiration from Blue Room artist Joshua Henderson and his love of architecture. 

In this video, we take a look at Josh's studio and join him for a tour of Liverpool via the magic of Minecraft. Josh has also created an A-Z of Liverpool buildings and he invites you to join in and create your own local alphabet.


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Who's blogging?

Sadia Pineda Hameed: The Song of My Life

published by The Bluecoat

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