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Echoes and Origins: A new project exploring Bluecoat's colonial legacies.

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Keith Piper, Trade Winds (video still) from Trophies of Empire project, 1992  Bluecoat’s mercantile maritime origins and colonial legacies to be explored in new ...


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Siobhan Davies Dance, BALTIC and CONTINUOUS partners including Bluecoat announce guest artists

New programme for 2020-2021 across the national CONTINUOUS Network announced! 

Bluecoat is delighted to join in the CONTINUOUS Network's new upcoming programm announcement including a selection of Touring Network performances, featuring Zinzi Minott’s CONTINUOUS Commission Black on Black: 24R which is coming to Bluecoat, and a brand new dance work from the CONTINUOUS x Unlimited commission opportunity with Freestylers.

CONTINUOUS is an ambitious partnership between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Siobhan Davies Dance (SDD), working alongside partner galleries including Bluecoat two dance organisations from around the UK. The partnership aims to foster dialogue and learning between artists and organisations, advancing the presentation of, and development of audiences for experimental independent contemporary dance within visual arts contexts.

Reflecting on our learning from the first year of the project, on Tuesday 15 September, we released a statement regarding our refocused aims and actions, click here to read that statement.

The CONTINUOUS Network comprises of: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (Gateshead), Siobhan Davies Dance (London), Bluecoat (Liverpool), Dance4 (Nottingham), Nottingham Contemporary (Nottingham), The Tetley (Leeds), Tramway (Glasgow), Turner Contemporary (Margate) and Yorkshire Dance (Leeds).

Touring Network Performances

In 2020-2021, three dance works will tour the UK; Satelliser: a dance for the gallery by Janine Harrington & coworkers, coming to Bluecoat, Robbie Synge and Julie ClevesTo Earth and a work from Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome. Tour dates will continue to be announced via the CONTINUOUS website and reviewed in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, keeping in mind the safety of artists, staff and audiences.

These works were selected from a longlist of thirteen artists in 2019, and were invited for their unique approach to experimentation, rigorous processes and strong concepts, as well as their distinct suitability and relevance to the partner galleries at which they will feature. This touring programme reflects our commitment to bring excellent experimental dance works to audiences around the UK.

The performances below are coming to Bluecoat. 

Satelliser: a dance for the gallery by Janine Harrington & coworkers

Satelliser is a French transitive verb which means to put into orbit. Satelliser: a dance for the gallery is an ongoing performance work realised by an intergenerational group of coworking dance artists. Coworkers cycle through layered labours of moving, speaking, listening and resting over the course of a day, as they hold buoyant space for conversation to emerge.

Coworkers in 2020: Shivaangee Agrawal,Temitope Ajose-Cutting, Karen Callaghan, Iris Chan, Katye Coe, Janine Harrington, Amrita Hepi, Rosemary Lee, Elena Rose Light, Amaara Raheem, Arabella Stanger, Louise Tanoto, Else Tunemyr and Jay Yule.

The work is being redeveloped through an online discursive rehearsal process across 5 time zones through multiple states and stages of lockdown. As we have each navigated scales of upheaval, dislocation, political turmoil and changing personal circumstances, the processes of being together through conversation have both amplified and challenged what we imagined this work might be and do.

Satelliser: a dance for the gallery will tour to BALTIC Bluecoat, and Turner Contemporary (dates TBC in 2020 & 2021).

Zinzi Minott’s Black on Black: 24R
















We are also pleased to announce that following postponement, Zinzi Minott’s brand new CONTINUOUS Commission, Black on Black: 24R, will premiere at BALTIC next year before heading to Bluecoat, Nottingham Contemporary and Tramway. 

Black on Black: 24R is a 24-hour-long performance that explores Minott’s engagement with dance, queerness, blackness and the body as archive. The work interrogates dance as a form of labour and the limits of the body through the exhausting processes of repetition and duration.

Over the span of 24 hours, Minott repeats a solo created from movement phrases donated to her by an extended network of black dancers and artists: “if you could imagine a physical archive of dance”, asked Minott, “what nugget or phrase would you donate?”

Minott will perform her solo amidst a 12-screen audio-visual installation consisting of archival footage and other accompanying material from Minott’s personal image collection with a newly commissioned score composed by Gaika.

Also part of the Touring Network is To Earth by Robbie Synge & Julie Cleves and Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome.

Find out more here

CONTINUOUS x Unlimited Commission

2020 has seen new partnerships developed within the CONTINUOUS Network. Over the past few months they have teamed up with Unlimited to support the creation of a new disabled-led dance work as our next CONTINUOUS commission. 

A successful two-stage selection process was undertaken by a panel of commissioning partners (BALTIC, Bluecoat, SDD, Tramway, Unlimited) and independent disabled artists, who generously committed their skills and experience to the process. Thanks to those artists: Aby Watson, Chanje Kunda, Laura Lulika and Priya Mistry.

The quality of applicants for this commission opportunity was exceptional and we wish to thank every artist and collective who applied for taking the time to propose their ideas, particularly the four shortlisted applicants who we worked with to develop detailed proposals. It was important to the process that these shortlisted artists were paid for their time to develop these proposals.   

We are delighted to announce the selected commissioned collective: Freestylers

Freestylers will create a new dance work to perform at BALTIC, Bluecoat and Tramway in 2021/22. 

Freestylers are an ever-expanding team of artists. We are person-centred and disability-led. Our core members are:

Adam Smith, Abdul Sabir, DJ Hassan, Francis Majekodunmi, Sherrie King, Paul Davidson, Shola Cole Wilson, Roland Carline, Vicky Hawkins, Ben Myers, Rachel Gildea

Our work is about listening and learning from each other. The foundation of Freestylers is made of a team of people who have longstanding creative relationships built on care, support and trust. As our team is made up of artists with and without disability, we are often interrogating the idea of support and care because we believe it goes both ways.

Freestylers provide a space where people can be seen and become a part of a wider cultural conversation about race, class, identity, and gender which is shaping the future. We believe that everyone in our group is powerful, so we are passionate about finding ways to break down conventional power structures and share ownership of our work. We want to celebrate individuals but challenge individualism in the arts.

We use performance and film to look for new and inclusive ways to communicate. We work in gallery spaces in the context of performance art. We want our spaces to feel relaxed and intimate. We want our audiences to be able to come and go, shout and make noise, and to join us when they want to.

Freestylers is a journey and we want people to join us, because we believe that everyone benefits from an inclusive arts scene, it is the missing piece of the puzzle.

We call ourselves ‘Freestylers’ because we love improvisation of all forms.  There is an energy that comes with this inclusive technique that is about discovery, being present in the moment, taking risks and learning new things about ourselves.  We are passionate about taking risks in our work. We understand we can only take risks together in an environment where everyone feels safe.  Where there is a strong emphasis on care and establishing trust. 

“We are really excited about this commission. We are going to go on an amazing journey, change the world and make everyone’s wildest dreams come true” - Roland Carline



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