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Liverpool-Ireland Cultural Corridor launches at the Bluecoat

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson OBE and Irish Minister of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan TD highlight importance of historic cultural links to economic and social development.

A partnership initiative to establish a Cultural Corridor between Dublin and Liverpool has been launched today (29 June).

The Bluecoat (Liverpool’s creative hub) and Create (Ireland’s national development agency for collaborative arts) have come together to establish a forum for artists, cultural organisations, contemporary arts groups, businesses and the voluntary sector. The objective of the initiative is to acknowledge, support and develop artistic links and exchanges, in order to maximise their potential for cultural, social and economic development.  The inaugural event will take place on Thursday 13th September at the Bluecoat.

In his speech today at the Bluecoat Irish Minister Jimmy Deenihan said:  “Dublin and Liverpool are already culturally twinned and both cities boast a uniquely international appeal with vibrant cultural economies. 

“Strong contemporary arts links also exist between Liverpool and Cork, and Liverpool and Limerick. These links extend across all art forms.  Artists are always ahead of policy makers in identifying areas of positive growth and potential. In facilitating artistic and cultural collaboration, we are fostering new ideas and imaginative approaches to living in the 21st Century.” 

The Minister also heard of links between his native County Kerry and Liverpool, when the Blue Room representative Eddie spoke of his family’s origins in Ireland and a recent trip to Dingle.

Mayor Joe Anderson, Britain’s first elected Mayor outside of London, re-iterated the importance of the historic links, and highlighted areas for co-operation being opened up by the dynamic artistic exchanges.  

Liverpool City Council's recent achievement in securing a turnaround cruise-liner terminal gives a strong indication of the growth market in cruise and other types of tourism. The success of the recent Sea Odyssey spectacle shows the scale of potential for collaboration in the area of city animation through spectacle. The  market represented by the Irish diaspora in America, many of whose ancestors left via Liverpool, is significant.  Tourism, philanthropy and for inward investment strategies can be targeted at this market.     

Exploring the Links, a discussion document published today to initiate the Cultural Corridor's 'call for ideas’, demonstrates the strength of existing cultural links through the St Michaels Irish Centre, Liverpool, the Irish festival in Liverpool and Institute of Irish Studies at University of Liverpool. It outlines the potential for the initiative to facilitate new routes of cultural exchange as well as developing resource sharing, residency opportunities, joint programming, knowledge & skills transfer, cultural tourism and an expanded arts and cultural offer.

The document will be used as a catalyst for further conversation between partners in both cities. Consultation will take place from today until 13th September, 2012.


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