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Hand on Crafts at the Bluecoat

Today marked the start of our Hand on Crafts project at the Bluecoat.

Hand on Crafts is a national inter-generational programme. It aims to involve young people in learning traditional crafts from skilled volunteers and working alongside contemporary practitioners to create new work for an exhibition at the Bluecoat.

This week we focussed on Embroidery and Lace Making with the young people dividing into two groups for a two hour session in either of the crafts. Next week, they'll switch over, so everyone will get a go at 6 different heritage crafts.

Claire Bates led the embroidery session, with help from local volunteers. One of the aims of the project is for the older volunteers to learn new social media skills from the young people in exchange for their heritage craft knowledge. Each participant was given an embroidery hoop and with help from Claire and the volunteers, they all worked to create their own hand stitch piece, learning a variety of different stitches along the way.

Next week.... Find out how the young people took to lace making, a very rare craft.

Hand on Crafts is an inter-generational amateur crafts programme, initiated by Voluntary Arts and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. It offers a two-way approach to improve interest and involvement in specific at-risk traditional crafts amongst young people, whilst developing the skills and abilities of older representatives of traditional crafts organisations to reach out across the age gap.


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