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Blue Room at the Bluecoat gives adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to develop creative and social skills and increased independence of thought and action.

Using the Bluecoat's gallery exhibitions as inspiration Blue Room members work with our small team of artists, support workers and volunteers to explore different arts activities. These include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, textiles, film, animation, music, dance and live art. They share their ideas and often work together to create art.

Members regularly meet new people including staff, visitors and artists (local and international). They are a valued part of the Bluecoat community and are often invited to come to other events. As a result they feel comfortable and confident here and in other cultural venues. In the last two years we have introduced some Blue Room members to volunteering, mostly on projects we run for children. This has been very enjoyable and helped people grow in confidence.

Within the secure environment we provide, our artists create an atmosphere where safe risk-taking, independent thought and experimentation are encouraged through the arts. All people are treated appropriately as adult members of society and given the right to express their own opinions. There are no right or wrong answers and everyone's ideas are valued.

We have recently moved over to a new system where all of our members access personal budgets to fund their attendance. The cost is £40 per day per person and the project runs for 50 weeks per year.

The Bluecoat is happy to invite anyone with an interest to come and visit us to find out more. Visits, which must be prearranged, will include a tour of the Bluecoat, a visit to the gallery, a visit to Blue Room to meet our members and staff and make some artwork with them.

Blue Room have space for new members so if you are interested in arts, creativity and interacting with other people please get in touch.

Contact Us:

Kat Shock, Participation Coordinator, telephone 0151 702 7761 or email

Becky Waite, Blue Room Facilitator, telephone 0151 709 5297 or email

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