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Call out for Actors - It's My Pleasure to Participate, By Alexis Teplin

We are seeking 3 performers for Alexis Teplin's new performance work titled, It’s My Pleasure to Participate. These Exhibition Performances will take place at Bluecoat during October, November, December and February. 

Actors - 3 of any gender, mid 20s – late 30s. With theatre training and professional experience

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Rehearsal dates to be confirmed based on cast availability

Performances Dates - Fri 25 Oct, Sat 26 Oct, Sat 16 Nov, Sat 7 Dec and Sat 22 Feb.

Fee: £1500

More about the performance 

The performance is a new work by Alexis Teplin titled, It’s My Pleasure to Participate. This performance consists of a dialogue between three characters discussing domesticity, politics and the nature of translation and miscommunication. It will be performed across the downstairs galleries of Bluecoat on the initial opening evening and then on a loop on four other occasions.

The script consists of new writing by Teplin combined with dialogue from previous performances, text derived from radio, television, old Hollywood films and historical writings. Each performance will be comprised of three scenes, totaling approximately 15 minutes in length. The action of the performance marries the poetics of language with gestures from cinema and traditions of abstract theatre.

Previous performance can be seen here 

To express an interest in this role and for further information including the audition script please send CV and showreel to

Applicant information will be shared with the Artist and Bluecoat staff involved in the production of the work.

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