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Bluecoat's Spaces

Bluecoat is officially Liverpool city centre’s oldest building and the charm and character of its spaces is undeniable. As the UK’s first Centre for the Contemporary Arts, we offer a unique mix of the old and the new and have a number of bespoke indoor and outdoor spaces that can be adapted to suit your exact event requirements:

The Upstairs Bistro Restaurant
This beautiful restaurant can be hired privately for your event and can host up to 150 guests. The space has a stunning balcony which overlooks Bluecoat’s famous garden, a fully equipped bar, a lounge area and a PA system for you to play your own playlist through. We also have a happy and experienced events team who will look after you and your guests from beginning to end.


Performance Space

Bluecoat’s Performance Space is used for many of our contemporary visual art events and performances, which means it is well equipped to host almost any event; from weddings and parties, to conferences and other corporate events. Our state of the art Audio Visual equipment and in-house technician will ensure that everything from the lighting to the acoustics is suited to your event. This space offers seating and standing areas and can seat 120 people or host 150 standing guests. 


Sandon and Garden Room

The Sandon and Garden rooms are available to hire separately for an intimate event of up to 60 guests or together for a larger celebration. Both spaces have access to a private courtyard and the main garden. They work great for fair weather events and are a popular choice for weddings and parties with the potential to have an outside BBQ. We have a great in house kitchen team who can provide delicious food for your event and meet any dietary requirements you or your guests might have.


The Library

 The Bluecoat Library is home to much of our Building’s 300 year old history, archiving our rich past. This cosy, intimate room can host up to 20 people and is perfect for meetings or small gatherings and is used in both a corporate and informat context. 


The Garden

The Garden is one of Bluecoat’s most beautiful features. A relaxing, tranquil oasis that has the potential to host a number of celebratory events, from weddings, birthdays and parties.  The Bluecoat Garden can be hired  privately from 6pm for BBQ's, live music, ice cold drinks and a delicious atmosphere for up to 150 guests.

To find out more information or to book, please call 0151 702 5324 or email 

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Bluecoat is Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, the oldest in the UK. Our landmark building, located in the ...

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Tickets & Information

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