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Hire the Print Studio

If you are an experienced printmaker all you need to do is to come for a free health and safety intro which you can arrange via emailing and you will be ready to hire. Alternatively book onto one of our intro workshops which include the health and safety intro and you will be ready to hire.

Screen Print Studio

The Screen Print Studio accomodates up to 3 people printing simultaneously.

Equipment and materials on site are:

  • 1 large UV exposure unit
  • Wash out unit and power washer
  • Drying cupboad and drying rack
  • Screen print medium compatible with System 3 Acrylic paints
  • Screen emulsion for making photo-stencils
  • Squeegees, de-greaser and stencil remover
  • 3 vacuum beds: vacuum bed number 1 takes a maximum screen size of 60 x 70cm vacuum bed number 2 takes a maximum screen size of 110 x 90cm vacuum bed number 3 takes a maximum screen size of 60 x 70cm (all measurements are width by depth)

Cost per session: £10

Hirers must supply their own screens and storage of these can be arranged on site.

Here is a video of Listen Creative using the print studios at the Bluecoat:

Listen Creative Christmas 2014 from Listen Creative on Vimeo.

Intaglio Studio

The Intaglio Studio accomodates up to 6 people working simultaenously.

Equipment and materials on site are:

  • 1 large etching press (Hughes and Kimber, bed 66 x 150cm)
  • One small table top press (bed 28 x 55cm)
  • Hot plate, oil based intaglio proofing ink, mordants, grounds and strippers for acrylic based etching and cleaning materials
  • Acrylic aquatint spray booth (you will need to use your own spray gun)
  • Guillotine for cutting sheet metal up to 2 feet in length
  • UV exposure unit for plates and screens up to A3

Cost per session: £10

Hirers may book individually or on behalf of a group of up to 6.

Cost per session to an individual is £10 in either the Intaglio or Screen Print studios. If you feel you need support opt for the Monday morning session (10am-1.30pm) at £20 when there will be a technician present covering both studios. Up to three people may hire simultaenously in either studio in this way. (If booking a session in the Screen Print Studio you will be asked which bed you prefer.)

If you want to hire the Intaglio Studio as a group (of between 3 and 6) you will qualify for a group hire rate of £25.

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Tickets & Information

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