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We are seeking to recruit several volunteers who are passionate about art, music, dance, and literature, and who are keen to gain experience at the Bluecoat. For more information on our current volunteering opportunities click here.

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain useful experience.

We have a wide range of roles to suit different levels of skills and experience.

Here, Betty, Annie and Finoon share their experiences of volunteering at the Bluecoat:


I began volunteering at the Bluecoat in April 2010 in the Blue Room, an arts service for people with learning difficulties. I spent 6 months volunteering with the group every Wednesday, assisting the Blue Room facilitator Becky. Over that period, I learnt a great deal about equal opportunities, supporting a group, and facilitating sessions.

After some time with Blue Room, I was asked if I would support a new group that was starting at the Bluecoat. The Kaleidoscope Collective which has been together since October 2010 is a group of adults recovering from mental health problems. This was an incredible opportunity and it was really interesting to work with a
completely different set of people. The experience I gained enabled me to begin to work as a freelance facilitator myself.

I now work in the arts, supporting a wide range of arts activities for many different people. The experience I gained from volunteering at the Bluecoat has proved invaluable and many of the opportunities that have come my way have definitely been complemented by the time spent volunteering with the Bluecoat.


I had studied Fine Art in Liverpool and had a real interest in how the arts could be used to work with people. After returning from travelling and working abroad, I approached the Bluecoat to find out more about volunteering and how I could get

I started supporting the Biennial project that the Bluecoat were delivering with Halewood Resource Centre, which entailed going along to sessions and supporting the artist.  I also began volunteering in the Gallery.

Being at the Bluecoat enabled me to see a broader side of the arts, in both the community side and the exhibition side from installation to working with the public. Members of staff at the Bluecoat also recommended me to manage other community projects which led to my management of the Sea Cycles for the Pool Project. This was crucial in increasing my experience of running projects and working with people, which contributed to my success in applying for jobs in the future.

Volunteering allowed me to explore different avenues in the arts.  I have always enjoyed working with people, but wasn’t sure about what careers and initiatives were out there to pursue.

The Bluecoat in its nature is very supportive and nurturing of people and volunteering allowed me to pursue my passion for the arts. Additionally the people that I met, the atmosphere and being able to experience the exhibitions firsthand made
my time volunteering at the Bluecoat very special. 


After studying a Fine Art degree at Liverpool John Moores University, I was eager to get some valuable work experience in the arts so I applied for a volunteering position during the Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival (LAAF), which at the time
was in partnership with the Bluecoat, I also volunteered within the participation team at the Bluecoat and carried out roles such as gallery stewarding, facilitating and assisting with workshops.

Volunteering has allowed me to meet a wealth of different people working within the arts and helped me in making many valuable contacts which have led to some exciting career opportunities.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent volunteering and I’d encourage anyone thinking about volunteering to go for it. Any experience is good experience and it allows you to explore the different paths that are available in working in the arts. 


Having worked closely with the Bluecoat and its participation team on the ART valley project prior to my retirement, I chose to volunteer at the Bluecoat as I felt it would continue to be fulfilling and would enable me to use some of the skills acquired over my “working” career for the benefit of the Bluecoat and its participants across the City.

I found that my “offer” was appreciated and I was [happily] thrown into the deep end, by being asked to look at how the volunteer experience at the Bluecoat benefits both the volunteer and the Bluecoat and how it might, if possible, be improved. I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience and look forward to continuing to make [what I hope is] a positive contribution.


If you are interested in volunteering please complete and return a volunteer application form either via the address listed on the form or by email to

The Bluecoat is striving to be an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

Bluecoat runs a regular volunteer programme, for more details click here

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