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Thank you to all of our Members and to everyone who donates online and in our venue. We are incredibly grateful for your support.


A special thank you to our Patrons for their generous support.  

  • Amy de Joia
  • Judith Thomas
  • Alan Sprince
  • James Mitchell Klaassen White

Crowdfunder Supporters

Thank you to everyone who shared and pledged their support for Bluecoat's first major crowdfunder in October 2017 and helped bring Jacob Epstein's iconic sculpture, Genesis to Liverpool after 86 years. 

  • Alex Scott-Samuel
  • Andrew Winder
  • Andy P
  • Barry Keeling
  • Bernie Velvick
  • Bob Lamb
  • Chrissy Partheni
  • Christine Kowal Post
  • Clement McAleer
  • Colin Simpson
  • Cy Powell
  • Dan Stinson
  • David Brind
  • Dorothy
  • Elizabeth Jewell
  • Frank Robotham
  • Graeme Williams
  • Harriet Owen Hughes
  • Helen Tookey
  • Jeanette Fitzhugh
  • Jo Beggs
  • Jo Hargreaves
  • John Belchem
  • John McQuay
  • Judith Thomas
  • Julie Watson
  • Kay Greenhalgh
  • Kerstie Skeaping
  • Kieran Daly
  • Kimpton Energy Solutions
  • Laura Brough
  • Luke Cooper
  • Lynsey Hanley
  • Mark Hobbs
  • Maureen Bampton
  • Niall Wright
  • Paul Brereton
  • Paul Morrissey & Lunch Guests
  • Pete Clarke
  • Peter Mearns
  • Rachel Gibson
  • Reg Cox
  • Richard Latto
  • Rick Walker
  • Robin Bloxsidge & Nick Riddle
  • Sarah Lovell
  • Sharon Ament
  • Simon R
  • Stephen Thomas
  • Steve Bennett
  • Sue Harrison
  • Susan Poole
  • Viv Tyler
  • Vona Groarke
  • Waltraud Boxall
  • Yvonne O'Keefe
  • Yvonne Turnbull

About the Bluecoat

Bluecoat is Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, the oldest in the UK. Our landmark building, located in the ...

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