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Performance Space

Since reopening the building in March 2008, our purpose built performance space has demonstrated its versatility by hosting eclectic showcases of hip-hop, jazz and world Music including famous names such as Polar Bear and Anti-pop Consortium. Our state-of-the-art equipment has allowed us to host ground-breaking electro, contemporary classical and sonic art by innovators such as Chris Watson and Janek Schaefer, as well as gigs featuring some of the most exciting up and coming local talents like John Smith and Ragz.

Our Performance Space is also a great venue for intimate readings and events. We have played host to some of the UK’s best known cultural icons such as Yoko Ono, Jeanette Winterson and Vic Reeves: allowing us to take our place as one of the Northwest’s best literature venues.

Our Live Art programme has transformed the space for international commissions such as Hannah Hurtzig’s Blackmarket and we have showcased groundbreaking new stand up comedy such as Kim Noble Will Die. We remain a popular venue, much in demand with all of the annual festivals that we host year round.

Further details

Seating capacity


Possible room layouts

Theatre style

Stage area

Minimum: 11.5m x 3.36 m
Maximum:  11.5m x 8.5m (standing only)

Raised staging is also available


Auditorium lighting with dimming facility
Flexible lighting possibilities, from standard ambient lighting to full theatre setup.


Various PA systems, microphones, audio and video playback.


Various projectors and screens.

Room access

Ground floor to raked seating

Air conditioning


Auxiliary electrical supply

6 13amp sockets
3-Phase 63amp outlet.


Telephone and internet access throughout the space

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Tickets & Information

0151 702 5324 |

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