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International Residency Opportunity

We are pleased to announce a new, funded residency opportunity at Bluecoat for an artist with a connection to Bangalore and/or the Karnataka region of India. 

The residency forms part of a wider project, Articulating Women, a multi-organisation and multi-disciplinary partnership between Liverpool Hope UniversityFACT and Bluecoat in Liverpool (UK) and Christ University in Bengaluru (India). The project aims to explore issues of women’s experience of gender in relation to complex social and cultural contexts through a number of activities across different disciplines, including this residency and the following projects: 

  • A documentary film
  • A mini-documentary film competition for students
  • Film screenings at FACT, Liverpool and in Bengaluru
  • The production of educational materials for teachers and community volunteers
  • Conferences for post-graduate students in Liverpool and Bengaluru
  • Academic conferences in Liverpool and Bengaluru interrogating the concept of intersectionality
  • Leadership capacity building sessions for women in Liverpool and Bengaluru;
  • A program of public events in Liverpool

Whilst the artist in residence will be expected to engage with the themes of intersectionality, this residency is intended to promote open-ended artistic research.

The residency will be formed of an initial 2 week visit to Liverpool in October and November, followed by a 3 month residency from April to June 2019.

For more details about the residency and how to apply please download an Application Pack.

For more details about the wider Articulating Women project please visit the Articulating Women website.

Deadline for applications 13th July 2018.

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