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Šárka Zahálková - Czech Curator in Residence 2019-2020



During November 2019 and January 2020, Czech curator Šárka Zahálková will join Bluecoat as curator in residence as part of our annual Czech residency with Czech Centre (London) and Arts and Theatre Institute (Prague). 

Zahálková currently works as Programme Director of City Gallery Pardubice (GAMPA) in Czech Republic. Her practice as a curator is rooted in ideas of social engagement and the belief that art can be a tool for change. Zahálková is also co-founder of ‘Offcity’ a programme of lectures, workshops, and art events taking place in public spaces that aims to explore the urban environment from a range of perspectives.
During her residency Zahálková will be meeting artists and curators in Liverpool and spending time researching the art and culture of Liverpool. The role of civic space and public art will be a key feature of Zahálková’s research as she prepares to curate a festival of art in Czech Republic. Zahálková will be looking at the ways that public art and monuments memorialise aspects of history of culture and how these art works create a sense of place in regional towns and cities.






Previous artists in residence at Bluecoat  include: Suki Chan (2019); Chinar Shah (2019); Jade Montserrat (2018); Jonathan Baldock (2018) as part of the Freelands Lomax Ceramics Fellowship at Camden Arts Centre, London; Leasho Johnson and Di-Andre Caprice Davies (2017) in collaboration with New Local Space, Kingston Jamaica and RWA Bristol; Alice May Williams who completed an offsite residency at Speke Hall in partnership with Trust New Art (2016); Writer in Residence Sean Borodale (2016-2017); Anne Harild (2015) in partnership with arma and the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award and Jamie Shovlin and Samantha Donnelley (2014) in residence with Bluecoat Print


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Image: Suki Chan, Interval II, 2008





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