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The Typing Man book

  • Sat, 26 Oct 2013
  • 11.00 AM - 6.00 PM

Book Cover of The Typing Man by A.T.Boyle

At ten past eight exactly the woman walked, well, it might be more accurately described as a stumble, yes, the woman stumbled into the Typing Man’s office.

Saat tam sekizi on geçe, bir kad?n Arzuhalci’nin “yaz?hane” sine yaklast?; dogrusunu söylemek gerekirse yürümüyor adeta kendini sürüklüyordu. Evet, evet, bürosuna adeta yalpalayarak vard?.

A story about letters in Istanbul

By A. T. Boyle

In China, India and Turkey people still have their official letters typed for them outdoors. Set in present-day Istanbul, this story asks what might happen if one day the letter being typed is not about business but something much more personal?

Special edition silver block-printed book £8.00, e-book £4.00

Shortlisted in the Mslexia international story

competition 2012.

Dual language Turkish and English and how to say

the words.

Turkish-Arabic names presented in the context of

composing private letters in public spaces.

Imaginative prompts to encourage readers' own

creative writing.

Join a day of performances and workshops for the book launch on Sat 26th October 2013 at Central Library and the BluecoatThe book will be produced as a special edition and will be available from the Bluecoat and online as an e-book.

About the author and translator:

Words curl round communities, bringing new ideas which find their way into our thoughts and our actions. Through this book, the author and translator want to increase the understanding and appreciation of a minority culture in Britain by presenting the sounds and meanings of names given at birth in Turkey.

Gül Turner, born in Istanbul, currently lives in the Northwest of England.
A. T. Boyle, born in the Northwest of England, is a regular visitor to Istanbul.
They have a shared interest in language as a means of cultural expression.

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