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21st Century Arts & Craft

  • Wed, 28 Feb 2018
  • 6.30 PM
  • Tickets: Free. Booking advised


Contemporary fine artists are embracing skills and techniques, like bespoke wallpaper and plaster casting, and reviving arcane 20th century production methods. In this hands on discussion three artists from In the Peaceful Dome, Sumuyya Khader, Joanne Masding and Phil Root of The Grantchester Pottery, will talk about their approaches to making. Each of the artists will present an object that reflects their work and relationship with craft. The conversation will be chaired by Bluecoat’s curator, Adam Smythe


Joanne Masding lives and works in Birmingham. Recent solo exhibitions include Plaster Ghost Finger Cast at The New Art Gallery Walsall in 2017 and stuffs wander off, a shape steps in at Two Queens in Leicester. Her work has also been exhibited in group exhibitions at Workplace, Gateshead; IMT, London; Block Projects, Sheffield and Eastside Projects in Birmingham.
Masding was the 2016-17 Feeney Fellow, and used the fellowship to learn how to weld. Her work includes a wide range of object making including plaster casts and hand beaten copper, alongside works on paper and moving image works.

Phil Root lives and works in Bristol as one half of Thd Grantchester Pottery. Recent exhibitions include The Future at Coventry Ceramics Biennial, 2017; The Grantchester Photographic Society at Camden Arts Centre, 2016; The Grantchester Pottery paints the stage at Jerwood Space, London, 2015. 
Root also maintains a practice as a painter, independently of his work with The Grantchester Pottery and has exhibited internationally.

Sumuyya Khader lives and works in Liverpool. Recent exhibitions include My Africa at BassFest in Birmingham, 2017; Past, Present, Future: An Ode to Black British Artistry in London, 2014. She has produced commissioned work for L22 Press; The Offy; Granby Workshop and The Royal Standard all in Liverpool, 2017. Sumuyya was artist in residence at Metal from 2013 - 2014.
Alongside her individual practice Khader also works at Granby Workshop in Liverpool as Operations Manager. Recent work with Granby Workshop includes the launch of Splatware, an innovative range of plates and cups produced by squashing different clays in a 60 ton hydraulic press.


Image credit: In the Peaceful Dome installation featuring Wallpaper by The Grantchester Pottery

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