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For Some Time, Nothing

  • Wed, 14 Mar 2018
  • 6.30 PM - 8.00 PM
  • Tickets: £4/£3

Join us for an evening with Bluecoat Writer/Artist in residence Sean Borodale and voice artist Steve Boyland to mark the publication of Borodale’s third collection of poetry, Asylum, published by Jonathan Cape. This event marks the culmination of Borodale's residency at Bluecoat.

Audiences are invited to this intimate reading and performance between Borodale and Boyland who will interrogate what a reading can be. Using pages from Asylum and simple objects at the heart of his writing, including a table, wooden chair and earlier works (location based documentary poems), Borodale will create a stage for a live, theatrical, scripted voice installation.

First presented at Bluecoat in 2017, Asylum was originally performed by Steve Boyland and Saphena Aziz. Borodale has since established a performance studio-laboratory dedicated to the staging and voicing of the lyrigraph. Working in association with Steve Boyland, the Lyrigraph Sessions have generated an archive of notes, media recordings, and a continuity of presence as an event taking place over one year in Liverpool.

From 6.30pm there will be a short performance followed by a Q&A with Borodale and Boyland. There will be a limited number of Asylum books for sale with the opportunity to have copies signed on the night.

Drinks will be available from the Upstairs Bistro - join us to celebrate!

Image credit: Jonathan Cape.

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