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Books. Books! Of the older variety of course, but also some very modern art and other inclusions. Also Victorian and Edwardian prints, pamphlets, photographs, maps and more. Kernaghan Books have been in Merseyside for over 30 years and now feel well settled at The Bluecoat. Bryan and Alwyn Kernaghan are conscious that fashions and tastes change and they embrace 'vintage' as well as 'antiquarian' in their well presented and changing offer of books from over 400 years of publishing.

Condition is very important to us and we seek to offer you the titles you want in the best state possible. Rare, scarce and collectable titles are found alongside everyday classics. Familiar orange Penguins are cheek by jowl with exotic leather bindings and fine pictorial cloth designs. Mounted copper and steel engravings, early colour prints and original classic adverts range from late C18th to early C20th. Maps galore from O.S. to pre-Victorian surveys of Liverpool. Local history has always been a strong area and already we have been able to offer Liverpool items which 'the man who has it all' has never seen! We have already been approached and have recorded several programmes here in our Bluecoat courtyard premises for History Channel on printing and writing from over four centuries. We conduct book searches for long-standing and new customers alike. We also sell online and about 3,000 of our 15,000 books can also be seen there at any time. We are well known for purchasing collections as well as fine single items, and we seek to offer our stock in fine condition at competitive prices. Please come and browse, tell us your 'wants' and expect to be delighted.

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