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Out of the Blue


Out of the Blue takes weekly art clubs to children aged 5-11 across the city. It has been running since February 2014 and currently takes place in Norris Green, Clubmoor, Anfield and Granby. It is an outreach project run by Bluecoat with support from learning disabled volunteers from our Blue Room project.  

The clubs involve children and volunteers working together on a high quality programme of arts activities linked to our exhibitions. Together we work towards Our 5 Creative Ways: Imagination, Investigation, Work as a Team, Never Give up and Grow as an Artist. Children learn discipline, resilience and persistence through creative activities as well as building their collaborative working and problem solving skills.

In addition to the weekly clubs, children are invited to Bluecoat during the school holidays. They spend time our galleries and the rest of the day playing creative games and making their own artworks.

We also run regular Family Activities throughout the year so the whole family can get involved with art activities and get to know our Blue Room artists.

As well as helping them learn lots of new ways of looking at and making art, Out of the Blue supports children to develop positive attitudes towards people with learning disabilities. It also helps our volunteers gain new skills and confidence and meet lots of new people.

Out of the Blue is generously supported by BBC Children in Need.

If you would like any further information about the project, please contact Betty, by email at

For a more in-depth history about Out of the Blue please read our blog here 

or read the Out of the Blue Wordpress


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