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Pete Clarke


Pete Clarke is an artist who explores concepts of the city, modernity and history utilising painting, printmaking, drawing and poetic text.

He moved to Liverpool in 1978 after studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art, Bristol Polytechnic, Burnley Municipal College and living for a time on the Isle of Wight and then London. The changing face of the city has fascinated him and in many ways it represents the social and cultural history that personifies the shifts and political developments of ‘modernity’.

He was the MA Course Leader and Principal Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston until the summer of 2014 when he first started working in the Bluecoat Studios. He leads the artists’ initiative ‘Eight Days a Week’, arranging reciprocal exhibitions, projects and events in Liverpool and Cologne. He also makes paintings, prints and installations with the artist Georg Gartz from Cologne exploring collaborative strategies within contemporary practice questioning individuality, authorship and authenticity in a European context.


Environs – The City as a Site and Sign of Modernity

Eight Days a Week, Liverpool with Cologne, the artists’ initiative and reciprocal exchange project, lead artist and curator since 1998, European City of Culture Project 2008

Collaboration, a European painting project with Cologne artist Georg Gartz

Turner’s Travels, the research drawing project with a residency in 2015, Ebernberg art centre, Germany.

Global Studio Bluecoat, Liverpool 2010

Manifest, poetic collaboration with the poet Robert Sheppard.


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