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R&J Porter: Jeweller, Silversmith, Commissions & Hand Engraver


Bob Porter is a world-class master-silversmith and engraver, as well as long-term occupant of the Bluecoat  -Liverpool's most historic building. In the trade for forty years and owning their own business for twenty, Bob, supported by his wife Joan, has undertaken all sorts of silver-smithery including conserving and repairing trophies – including most of the famous sporting cups – as well as smaller pieces.

He is also a star of Aintree’s Grand National; on hand to engrave all of the trophies from the winning line. He also designs his own jewellery and product range (for men, women and homes), which you can see displayed when you visit their shop. Joan can often be found threading strands of beautiful Venetian glass beads into necklaces and is on hand to assist with viewings, while Bob works on his newest creation. Nevertheless, he is never far away and can be brought in for consultation at a moment’s notice.

So, if you would like to commission a new piece, have something mended, have something engraved for a loved one or buy a piece ready for customisation from the beautiful range available don’t hesitate to visit them. You will find them on the School Lane side of the Courtyard, opposite Mary Mary's and Root Houseplants. 


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