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Informal Education

Informal Education at the Bluecoat

We can organise one off sessions or longer programmes to meet the needs of your group of young people, drawing on a pool of experienced creative practitioners. These activities can fit well into extended services or youth centre programmes. Most of our fabulous practitioners are based at the Bluecoat and cover a variety of artforms including knitting, printmaking, textiles, jewellery, painting, drawing, filmmaking, animation, dance and creative writing.

Sessions are planned to reach your specified age group and group size. We will work with you and, where appropriate, young people to design an experience to be enjoyed by the children and young people whatever their level of previous experience. We also have experience of working with young people with disabilities and/or behavioural problems.

Informal Education at the Bluecoat

We find that taster sessions are a good way to start, giving young people a chance to sample different activities. This can then be followed up with a mini-project giving them the chance to work for longer with an artist of their choice.

Most of our sessions can be delivered in schools or youth centres or at the Bluecoat. It is usual to follow up a series of sessions in the youth centre with one visit to the Bluecoat where we can offer free tours and activities.

To discuss a session for a group of young people please contact Laura Yates, Participation Manager, email

Downloadable Reports of previous sessions
Transition Project Report
Transition Project Report

Working with a group of young people who are learning disabled and are leaving school to move onto college.

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