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Gallery: Abacus

Featuring Tom & Simon Bloor, Polly Brannan, Rhys Coren, Fran Disley, Kevin Hunt, Anssi Kasitonni, Yusuke Mashiba, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Emily Speed, Mark Simmonds, William Wegman, Huw Wahl, John Walmsley - Liverpool Free School

This summer our interactive exhibition, Abacus, invites visitors of all ages to watch, draw, read and play. 

Commissions include Simon & Tom Bloor’s installation New possibilities in familar situations, which invites visitors to draw on the gallery walls using special chalk boards. Emily Speed will fill our largest gallery with child height replicas of architectural spaces, where strict rules and certain behaviours usually apply (such as courts and voting booths), transforming them into places of play and performance, complete with costumes.

Kids Video Art Program, a collaboration with Kunsthall Stavanger, features a selection of short films & animations by UK and international artists, including Trine Lise Nedreaas’ shimmering hula hoops, William Wegman’s synchronised dogs and Rhys Coren’s snapping fingers. Abacus responds to Bluecoat’s history as both a charity school and centre for the arts, also celebrating contemporary cultural spaces as alternative learning environments.

To find out more about the exhibition, artists, and work on display, download the gallery guide.

Abacus is on display until Sun 1 Oct, visit the exhibition page to find out more.


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