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Gallery: Left Hand to Back of Head, Object Held Against Right Thigh

Rowena Harris // Mary Hurrell // Natalie Finnemore // Mitra Saboury // Marianna Simnett // Marie Toseland // Hannah James // Becky Beasley 

Left Hand to Back of Head ... explores how we can experience art beyond what we are able to say about it. The exhibition presents a collection of works that set out to affect the audience on a physical level, through sensations and emotions.

The artists in this group show use film, video, installation and sculpture to form relationships between artworks and the bodies of the audience. This dynamic extends to the title of the show, which may act as an observation, suggestion or direct instruction.

This is the first show by Adam Symthe, Bluecoat’s new curator. He is interested in “how art can produce material affinities with our own bodies. Just as we feel the presence of a dancer, so too art can affect us in the same manner that the beat of a drum might compel us into motion.

“The exhibition draws on the context of Bluecoat as a centre for the arts, an organisation that hosts an array of art forms. Bluecoat continues to enable dialogue between artistic disciplines and this exhibition seeks to articulate the many connections between visual art and performance.”


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